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In the southeastern part of Republic of North Macedonia, just under the state borders with Bulgaria and Greece the fertile Strumica valley is located and in its western part is the eponymous Municipality of Strumica. The Municipality is characterized by 230 sunny days, favorable climate, healing water and natural rarities. Strumica is the economic and cultural center of southeastern part of Republic of North Macedonia, which in recent years grew from agricultural to agrarian – industrial area. Historically, from Astraion to Tiberiopolis and to present day Strumica, the material and spiritual treasure of this city has increased overtime. Tsar’s Towers and other localities just like The Fifteen Holy Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis, the Orta Mosque, the late Roman spa in Bansko, the monastery complexes in Vodocha and Veljusa should be seen by any tourist or accidental visitor of Strumica.

The Municipality has adopted ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems) & ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management systems). Further, the Municipality of Strumica has a B1 credit rating issued by the international credit agency Moody’s.

According to the territorial organization of the local government units of 2005, the territory of Municipality of Strumica covers the city of Strumica and the following 24 populated surrounding areas: Banica, Bansko, Belotino, Veljusa, Vodocha, Gabrovo, Gradsko Baldovci, Dabilja, Dobrejci, Dorlombos, Zleshevo, Kosturino, Kuklish, Memeshli, Murtino, Ormanli, Popchevo, Prosenikovo, Raborci, Rich, Sachevo, Svidovica, Tri Vodi and Chepeli.



HQ of the MunicipalityStrumica
AddressSt. “Sando Masev” no. 1, Strumica
Location (latitude – longitude)N 41° 26 E 22° 38′
Contact Tel.+389 (0)34 348-030;fax +389 (0)34 320-544
Web sitewww.strumica.gov.mk
Area321,89 km2
Municipality celebration dayDecember 11 (Patrons and protectors day of Strumica)



Highways, expressways and motorwaysIndirect access to the highway A1

through the regional road R1401;                direct access to the main road A4.

Regional roads that pass through the MunicipalityР1302, Р1401, Р1402, Р1403, Р2432,


Distance from airport (km)
International Airport – Skopje132 km
St. Apostle Paul – Ohrid258 km
Airport Thessaloniki, Greece147 km
Sofia Airport, Bulgaria237 km
Distance from railway
Railway Station Gevgelija48 km
Railway station Miravci38 km
Railway station Stip66 km
Distance of the Municipality from port (km)
Port of Thessaloniki, Greece124 km
Port of Durres, Albania422 km
Port Burgas, Bulgaria572 km
Distance from border crossing (km)
Greece46 km
Bulgaria27 km
Serbia163 km
Kosovo169 km
Distance of the Municipality from major cities (km)
Skopje150 km
Thessaloniki124 km
Sofia234 km
Belgrade565 km
Zagreb953 km
Istanbul710 km
Vienna1.173 km
Budapest937 km



Population: 54.676 inhabitants (according to the census of 2002).

Gender structure: 27.340 men, 27.336 women.

Ethnic structure of the population: 91,50% Macedonians, 6,87% Turks, 0,34% Serbs, 0,27% Roma, 0,62% other.

Educational institutions: Municipality of Strumica operates with 10 municipal primary schools with 14 regional schools with 5.645 students as well as three high schools with 4.053 students and one private high school, “Yahya Kemal”. Also, there are several institutions of higher education operating at the territory of the municipality:

  • · State University “Goce Delchev” – Shtip with dispersed studies in agriculture, informatics, economics and education Sciences;
  • · Private University “FON” with dispersed undergraduate and post graduating studies in the following faculties: Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences, Philological Sciences and Faculty of Detectives and Security.



Number of active business entities: 2.394.

Dominant industries: Agriculture, food industry, textile industry, wood processing industry, construction, production of construction materials.

Main comparative advantages of the municipality: Proximity and connectivity to the European borders and markets, access to natural gas, arranged industrial zones, developed economy, favorable climatic conditions for agricultural development, rich natural, cultural and historical heritage and high quality of life.

Most important local enterprises: AD “Nemetali Ograzden” (non-metallic mineral raw materials), AD IGM “Elenica” (production of terracotta bricks for construction), “Nikov” Dooel (furniture manufacturing), “Savelo” (furniture manufacturing), “Al-mak” Dooel (furniture manufacturing), “Izolmak fibran” (production of expanded polystyrene), ADPS “Edinstvo” (clothing production), AD “Zito Strumica” (production and trade of mill products), AD “Grozd” Strumica (production of distilled liquors, soft drinks and carbonated and mineral water from its own spring), “Mabi trejd Dentina” (vegetable and fruit processing), “Agrokomerc” (vegetable and fruit processing), “Trgoprodukt” (vegetable and fruit processing), “Agrofruktus” (purchase – distribution centers for vegetables and fruits), “Al Maks” (production of edible oil), DTP “Maks” Dooel (packs of powdered and granular products), DPUT “Joka” Doo (milk processing and production of dairy products).

Mineral resources: Presence of non mineral raw materials: feldspar.



Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Republic of North Macedonia, and the biggest, most important and most profitable for Municipality of Strumica. The strength of Strumica’s agribusiness is a result of the favorable climate conditions, a large surface of fertile land, the science and technological development in the modernization of agriculture and suitable agriculture machines and equipment. From total of 54.676 residents, 19.216 residents live in the rural environments in

which agriculture is the primary business branch, and by which this sector is placed in the group of sectors with the most numerous engaged workforce in Municipality of Strumica. The total agricultural surface is 8.130 hectares, of which 7.156 ha or 88.02% is fertile land, where plow and gardens dominate. Orchards 120 hectares (1,48%), vineyards 137 hectares (1,69%), meadows 272 hecatares (3,35%), pastures 93 hectares (1,14%), reed 93 hectares (1,14%) and 259 hectares or 3,18% of other. From the total production of fruit and vegetable, above 90% belongs to the production of vegetable, while 10% is fruit.

The fertile land, favorable microclimate and favorable hydrography, allow the growing and ripening of quality early-garden crops. Because of human resources, agriculture surface, structure and configuration of the land, as well as the favorable climate, investment in agriculture has limitless opportunities and enormous potential.



Strumica disposes with many-century cultural-historical landmarks, natural rareties and beauties, international cultural manifestations of high rank, thermal waters, spa centers, sidewalks and other potentials – base for development on this sector. Quality hotels, nice restaurants, cafeterias and nightclubs characterize the tourist-hospitality sector of the Municipality of Strumica.

The accommodation capacity of the Municipality of Strumica includes 10 hotels and motels, 410 rooms, 1025 beds in the main accommodation facilities. Annually, above 78.000 overnights are registered. The reasons for visiting Strumica are different and include business visits, cultural and sport manifestations, shopping, healthy and spa tourism, seminars and conferences, visits of relatives and friends and other reasons.

The hospitality capacity of the Municipality of Strumica includes 30 restaurants and pizzerias, 10 café bars and 2 night clubs. Many of the restaurants have a modern atmosphere and are oriented towards barbecue, traditional food and international cuisine.



According to all recent experiences of the companies (local, regional and foreign), the general conclusion is that Municipality of Strumica has proven, experienced and business-friendly administration, that aims towards enabling good conditions in each way and helping the business community for starting a business and creating a favorable business climate. The municipality has synchronized the implementation of the municipal services according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008, while the managing with the environment is according to the international standard ISO 14001:2004. Since 2013, Municipality of Strumica fulfills the conditions of the BFC SEE standard (“Business Friendly Certification”) for a municipality with favorable business surrounding, fulfilling the prescribed European criteria in relation to the services and information that the municipality provides for the local businessmen and foreign investors. The municipality is among the most liquid and solvent municipalities in Republic of North Macedonia, with credit rating B1 awarded by Moody’s.



Municipality of Strumica has several development industrial zones which have a well-established infrastructure and signalization. The Municipality is responsible for the development and promotion of its zones and offers a set of contributions that apply to all industrial zones.

Municipal contributions for investing in the industrial zones:

  • · Reduced the fee for arranging the construction land depending on the amount of investment, number of new jobs, use of domestic raw materials, production of finished or semi – finished products, introduction of new technologies, creation of new product range and the fulfilment of environmental standards;
  • · Logistic support for investors by the municipal administration in securing all the necessary permits and approvals;
  • · Efficient municipal administration working under the international quality standard, ISO 9001: 2008 and the international standard for environmental management ISO 14001:2004.