Strumica is one of the oldest cities on the Balkan Peninsula and its existence dates back before our era. Following the material remnants created in various historical epochs, starting from prehistory, through the antique period, Byzantine-Slavic and Turkish period, it can be noted that the city of Strumica has always been an important crossroad on the paths of different cultures and civilizations. A few names of the city have been registered: Astraion “Star City” (181 years before our era), Tiberiopolis (Roman period), Strumica (period of Slavs, medieval period). The most significant

historical facts about Strumica are the following:

►►According to the archeological research of the site “Tzar’s Towers”, in the vicinity of Strumica a prehistoric culture was established that existed since the time of the late Neolithic age until early bronze age. “Tzar’s Towers” is a witness for the existence of many civilizations in these areas since 7000 years ago.

►►In the vicinity of Strumica, the famous “Belasica battle“ occurred among Byzantium Emperor Vasilij II and Tzar Samoil.

►►Protectors of Strumica are the “Saint Fifteen Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis” that spread Christianity in these areas.

►►The monastery churches and complexes “St. Mother of God Eleusa“ (v. Veljusa), “St. Leontius” – (v. Vodocha), “Saint Fifteen Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis” – (Strumica), „St. 40 Martyrs of Sebaste” – (v. Bansko) include Strumica as one of the most significant cities on the Balkans regarding history of church architecture and immovable cultural heritage.

►►The Late antique Roman Thermae (Banja Bansko), 12 km away from Strumica represents a thermo-mineral treatment site (Balneum) since antique times, raised in III and IV century and as such is one of the rare remnant Roman memorials of such kind in Europe.

►►Evlija Chelebija, famous Turkish travel writer, stayed in Strumica in 1670.

►►On the territory of the Municipality of Strumica, there are 9 archeological sites, 2 cultural memorials, 8 protected facilities with old architecture, 15 memorial busts, 3 memorial ossuaries and 11 memorials.


Strumica is a dynamic city, with developed infrastructure, good local administration and developed business sector. According to different research and certain indicators, it was chosen for best place for living in Republic of North Macedonia. A confirmation to the abovementioned are the following facts:

►►The municipality is among the most liquid, solvent and capital intensive municipalities in the R. of North Macedonia, with a credit rating issued by Moody’s;

►►Municipality of Strumica is awarded with above 150 domestic and international recognitions and awards in the recent 10 years;

►►Strumica is the first municipality in the Republic of North Macedonia with adopted ISO standards.

►►Strumica is the first systematically gasified municipality in the country.

►►The social responsibility of the business sector is at the highest level in the country. In the period that follows, Municipality of Strumica will be focused on a new cycle of sustainable growth, based on a detailed adjustment process and acquiring measures for improving competitiveness and enabling conditions for increasing productivity in the private sector. The cycle will be implemented with local resources, but in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. The investment possibilities through different measures have the aim to support this new cycle of growth through identification of possibilities for investment. Municipality of Strumica offers safe and

extraordinary investment climate, abundant with business possibilities for foreign and domestic investors.


Strumica recognizes entirely the importance and the role of culture for the development and improvement of the total standard of citizens and life of the community. In the municipality, a large number of events of cultural and entertaining type are organized.

►►The most significant cultural manifestation of Strumica is the Strumica Carnival. The carnival in Strumica was mentioned for the first time in 1670. It is held each year within the framework of the carnival festivities, and in correlation with the Trimeri holiday and in the beginning of Easter fasting. Despite the masquerade, the children carnival and other accompanying contents, the Strumica carnival is a central event that attracts a large number of visitors and participants from the country and abroad. The main carnival night on the Strumica Carnival seems much alike the popular carnival parades “Mardi Gras”, in which above 3000 masked participants march past in the city for four hours. Since 1994, Strumica is a member of the International Association of carnival cities, FECC. Strumica carnival is one of the best in Europe and among the 20 most successful carnival happenings in the world.

►►The most popular entertaining manifestation held in Strumica is “Strumica – Open Festival”. This manifestation is one of the most massive in R. of North Macedonia and lasts for 10 days. It represents a fusion of culture and entertainment in which contents from the art, literature, classical music, folklore, theatre and movie art, but also mega musical concerts, performances and other contents of entertaining character occur.


Municipality of Strumica is recognizable for the fast economic growth, quality workforce, developed infrastructure and business-friendly administration, on a distance of less than an hour from the borders of Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Greece. Strumica is an interesting business destination with many competitive advantages.